Business ROI

Do You Know Your Business ROI?

Do You Know Your Business ROI? 

Business ROI, or return on investment, is a tool used to measure the profitability of your business based on your various costs and the profits generated by these investments. The performance of the business ROI can also have an assortment of implications on the different aspects of your business.  

A positive ROI indicates that an investment has delivered welcome profits. But it's more than just a metric used to monitor the feasibility of your business investments. By maintaining a solid ROI, you are also creating positive effects on your total cost of ownership, R & D, job security, business continuity, and many more.  

It Provides a Financial Metric 

The primary function of a business ROI is to provide a means to measure the success of your business per investment made. It lets you gauge how well or how poorly you are doing, letting you know which to keep and which to drop. For instance, an investment with a decidedly positive business ROI is worth keeping, while you should avoid an investment that shows a negative ROI at all costs. It also lets you compare different profitable assets to find the best choices.  

What is TCO?

The total cost of ownership, or TCO, is the sum of the purchase price and the operating costs of an asset over its lifetime. As your ROI grows, your total cost of ownership on your various assets also increases.  

More Access to Resources for Innovation 

The more your business earns, the more accessible resources become. Once you can set up your business plans and strategies to generate a good business ROI, you will have started a dependable cycle of profits that will provide you with funds for research and development.  

Reduce Investment Losses 

Thorough planning is crucial each time you make any kind of investment. Study the feasibility of each business investment to increase the chances of getting a good business ROI. There will always be a risk because you never really know if an investment will give you good returns or not, but with careful thought and planning, you can stick to those investments that are more likely to generate positive results.  

Job Security 

One of the contributing factors to excellent business returns is the performance of its workforce. If your employees are delivering results, there won't be any reason for you to downsize or shuffle your workforce. Thus, a higher business ROI increases the job security of your employees and may even give them better benefits and perks. 

Competitive Advantage 

In any industry, it is among the primary goals of a business to have a competitive advantage over its rivals. Maintaining a good return on investment gives you an advantage and makes you more attractive to potential clients when compared to your competitors. These days, potential clients and customers don't just look at the product or service you offer. They also examine the internal components of your business, which is why having a favorable business ROI will be an advantage. 

An MSP Can Help Boost Your Returns 

Exerting considerable focus and effort towards improving your business ROI is very worthwhile because, as you can see, it can affect several areas of your business. Improving your returns does not only mean getting higher revenue. It also has a lot of positive implications for your business, your employees, and your clients.  

One way of ensuring that you get a good business ROI from your investments is by working with a trusted managed service provider. Your MSP can provide multiple tools and strategies to keep you on track to achieving your goals and generating profits. 

For some extra help, we have prepared a comprehensive on-demand webinar that clearly illustrates what could happen to your business if you do not have a managed service provider by your side, as well as the multiple negative impacts this can have on your employees and your clients.  


If you want to learn more about how an MSP can help improve your business ROI, contact us and we will be happy to discuss how our services can help boost your returns and your overall business performance.  

5 Reasons Why Planning Business Growth Matters

5 Reasons Why Planning Business Growth Matters

When starting a business, it is only natural for the business owner to dream of success and growth for their new venture.
But having a dream is not enough. There also needs to be a strategic business plan to ensure that the business will thrive.

Unfortunately, many small business owners have the mindset that planning is only for large companies. Some of them don't think that learning business planning skills is necessary.
They don't realize that planning for growth is one of the most important things you should do for your business. Here are five tips to help you build your business plan.

Good Plans Lead to Good Business Decisions

From the moment you start your business, and every day after, there will be decisions to make, both big and small.
Often, you will make these decisions on the spur of the moment, without the opportunity to sit down and carefully examine the pros and cons of each one.

If you do not plan for this, it's easy to make the wrong choices. This mistake is especially true if your business is expanding by adding new locations or hiring more employees.
But if you have a solid business plan geared towards growth, it will guide you in making wise decisions every time.

Planning Helps in Setting up the Budget

Having a budget plan is essential to keep your business expenses under control. Along with business growth, there will also be a lot of unexpected costs.
An efficient budget helps ensure you have sufficient cash flow to keep the business going with the right balance between income and expenses, despite the adjustments you must make.

You can’t just go into a business without a clear idea of where your funds are going. Therefore, business planning for cost and budget should consider your present situation and several possible future scenarios.

Avoid Software Licensing Liabilities

Running a business involves the use of different software that requires licenses. Failure to comply with the terms and restrictions of the license can have dire consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to have a plan for software licensing before you purchase any.

Most software that businesses use these days is expensive, and that is why you need to budget for it from the beginning and decide which ones you need for your business. This way, you won't have to purchase unnecessary platforms that you won't end up using.

Planning Helps with Change Management

Change is not only inevitable in business but is a sign of growth. When you take on new personnel and expand locations, this will lead to significant changes in your business structure.
Without a well-laid-out plan, you can easily get lost amidst all these changes. But if you can implement effective business planning strategies for managing whatever changes might come your way,
unexpected events will not catch you off guard. Instead, you will make a seamless transition into the new phase of your business.

Infrastructure Planning Keeps Your Business Updated with Changes

Technology changes quickly. When running a business, you need to be prepared to implement frequent upgrades and updates to your IT infrastructure.
Getting left behind by your rivals in the industry will have a negative effect on your business, so you must focus a considerable amount of your business planning on infrastructure changes.

The Role of an MSP in Business Planning for Growth

Nobody knows your business and its objectives better than you do. However, there will be times when you will need expert advice, particularly in areas that are not part of your core competencies. IT,
for instance, or financial and legal matters. When you partner with a dependable managed service provider, you will gain an advantage, especially if you have ambitious plans for growing your business.

As a managed service provider, we have all the tools and the knowledge for business planning to facilitate a continuous and organized shift toward whatever new direction you are planning for your business.
If you want to learn more, please contact us so we can discuss with you the many ways that we can be of service to your business.

To find out more about why planning business growth matters, watch this on-demand webinar where Crystal demonstrates the various ways of how a professional MSP take your business to a whole new level of success.

Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth Planning Business Growth

The Fastest Way to Lose Track of Your Business Budget

Business budgeting is a very important part of running a business, regardless of whether you are a startup or an established company operating for years. Creating a budget is not a problem for most business owners. The challenge is sticking to the budget as the business grows and the spending expands.

The Problem of Hidden Costs

If you are like many owners of small and medium-sized businesses, you probably focus on the services and products you need when making a projection of your business expenses, which is what you should do. However, do you also consider the hidden costs of all these services and products? Are you even aware that many vendors today charge these hidden costs to unsuspecting business owners?

If you don't regularly assess your purchases for these hidden costs, there's a good chance that you are spending far more than you should be. You might go over your allotted budget. This mistake can have implications for your business.

Laying Employees Off

To bring down spending, many companies resort to the solution of laying employees off, believing that a smaller payroll can help the business get back on track financially. Unfortunately, cutting down on your workforce will increase the load of your remaining staff, which can then lead to stress, job dissatisfaction, and reduced performance.

Taking out Loans

Loans are a quick fix for any financial problem, but they can have heavy long-term consequences. If you get a loan with high repayment terms, it might eventually lead to even greater financial problems for your business.

Reduced Productivity

As hidden costs eat away at your business funds, you and your employees will naturally try to curb the spending. In doing so, you will inadvertently take people away from the jobs that you hired them to do. Your employees' focus will need to be split between their actual duties and trying to solve the problems with business budgeting. The result of this would be much lower productivity.

Where Do Hidden Costs Come From?

Besides the blatant overcharging of some vendors, there are a few other sources of hidden costs that all business owners should know.

Loan Interests

Most business startups run on borrowed funds. If you have taken out a loan to help you establish your business, you need to include the interest on this loan in your business budget. You will also need to be very responsible for repaying such loans on time. Otherwise, the interest cost will increase and might take a heavy toll on your business funds.

Employee Benefits

In business budgeting, many new business owners make the mistake of accounting only for their employees’ salaries. They do not consider the employees’ benefits, which they will also need to grant.

Legal Expenses

No business owner expects to pay legal fees because no one wants to be involved in a lawsuit. But if these problems happen, you need to allocate funds for this in your budget.


If you were an employee in the past, your company automatically deducted taxes from your salary. Now that you are a business owner, you will still need to pay taxes, and you will have to compute these on your own. If you forget to consider this in your business budgeting, you might be short on funds, and could even have problems with the IRS.

An Easy Solution

Staying within your budget can be a tough challenge with all the hidden expenses some vendors charge. To ensure that you do not spend more than you need to, you can use this business hidden expense calculator. This tool will reveal which services or products come with extra charges that you don't need to pay. Once you are aware of these costs, you can plan your spending more efficiently and start saving valuable funds for your business. If you have any other questions, please contact us any time.

Business BudgetBusiness BudgetBusiness Budget

The Importance of IT Security for Businesses

IT Security

Doing business in this digital era comes with many advantages, thanks to the developments brought about by new technology. But this same technology also brings a new breed of threats that could have negative implications, from minor inconveniences to serious security risks.

First Line of Defense

You can install an antivirus program and take safety precautions to protect your business. This precaution is for anyone who wants to stay protected from viruses and other digital threats. However, the online environment is rife with potential threats that easily penetrate basic anti-malware programs.

Just think about it. How many email advertisements have you received in your inbox this month alone? Probably dozens, right? You don't even need to open these emails, but if you accidentally click on even one of them, it will expose your system to other online threats and compromise the security of your business.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Hackers

Of course, the scenario we mentioned above is just a very mild example. Hackers these days are remarkably creative and aggressive in their strategies. Some hackers will steal your valuable data and destroy your business with just a few clicks, especially if you do not have a proper IT security system.

Potential Problems of Not Having IT Security for Businesses

If you do not defend your business with a reliable security system, you put your entire organization at risk and give cybercriminals an open invitation to infiltrate your network. Here are some potential problems you might face if you don't invest in proper IT security for businesses.

Constant Risk While Surfing Online

While your employees are online, they can unintentionally pick up malware from the websites they visit or the links they click on. These malicious programs can easily attach themselves to your system and infect it.

Identity Theft

With information stored digitally, it is easy for hackers to steal personal and financial information, either for selling to others or for personal use. If your system is weakly protected, your employees might suddenly find themselves locked out of their workstations or discover that hackers have wiped their bank accounts clean.

System Shutdown

Viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware can cause damage that causes your website to go down. You might recover with the help of an IT professional, but the hours or even minutes you have lost while you were offline can cause a massive loss of revenue for your business. Some malicious programs can have long-lasting implications that can drastically pull down the performance of your business.

Reduced Productivity

Certain viruses can attack even the most powerful servers. Even if you don’t fall victim to cyberattacks, the gradual deterioration of your computers' speed and performance will significantly reduce the productivity of your employees. This issue can lead to a decline in their job satisfaction and cause problems for your business.

The Solution

An easy yet effective preventive solution to all these problems is to implement the right strategies for your IT security. Work closely with your IT provider or a managed service provider who specializes in IT security for businesses to get the best results.

The solution will begin with a comprehensive IT security audit where your MSP will thoroughly assess your IT infrastructure and check for vulnerabilities in your network. After this, they will create a custom security solution that fits your business requirements perfectly.

In our on-demand webinar, we discuss how we can help improve the IT security of your business. Click here to register for the webinar, where you will also discover the many ways that a managed service provider can positively impact your business.  Or, if you have any other questions, please contact us any time.

it securityit securityit securityit securityit securityit securityit security

Staying Updated With Technology; Technology Changes

Staying Updated With Technology - 7 Benefits

Is Your Organization Staying Updated With Technology Changes?

While Most Companies Stay Updated With Technology Changes, But Not All Do

When you think of a larger enterprise company, for example a publicly traded company, do you think they are staying current on their technology? Absolutely, it is required in order to keep their organization secure.

Staying updated with technology changes brings many different benefits to an organization. Not staying updated with technology changes also brings many different risks that will cost your organization in the long run.

You can stay updated with your technology too! Adequate software, adequate hardware all has to eventually go. Make a plan to eliminate it and budget for it in the upcoming fiscal year.

Benefits of Staying Updated with Technology

There is a reason those enterprise companies stay current on their technology. Here are a few simple benefits to why it is important to stay up to date on your technology within your organization:

  1. Better performance 

  2. Faster and more powerful service 

  3. More efficient 

  4. Allows growth and scalability 

  5. Less down time - You will have less time trying to resolve problems when you stay up to date with the technology changes

  6. Newer hardware will be less likely to fail, newer software will be less likely to fail - Although your old hardware and software may seem like they are running stable and working well, one day it will take a right turn and not run stable anymore. This will cost your organization time and money and you cannot afford the downtime.

  7. Improved security - When things were written 10 and 15 years ago we were not thinking about security then. Today it is on the forefront and more important than ever. The software that is built today, takes security into account from the get go. That legacy software you are running, if it even has security, may have had security bolted on after the fact in all likelihood or it is non existent.

Lack Of Expertise In Not Staying Updated with Technology

Beware of any software, hardware or infrastructure that has that one power user internally. For example, that one person that knows everything about the software. What happens when they are sick, on vacation, or gone? Then you have a problem that could be unresolvable.

How does the lack of knowledge scale? If you want to grow your organization, if you want to do better, if you want to get bigger, how is this lack of knowledge going to scale in that environment?

Do you have a backup plan if there is an unresolvable issue on this technology? If so, what is it?

Stay Updated With Your Technology!

You have to stay updated, you have to stay current and you have to do these things in order to scale, maximize efficiency, minimize risk and eliminate downtime.

In order for your business to succeed and grow it is important to stay updated with technology changes. Here at Need Computer Help we ensure our clients are staying on top of the latest technology changes so their business can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact Us today to learn more information on staying updated on technology!

We understand that running an organization has many different expenses. That’s why we have built a Business Excessive Spending Calculator so that you can see exactly where your organization spending is going. If you want to go a step further, hit submit once you are done calculating and we may be able to help eliminate any hidden costs you may not know you have! Download your free calculator here.

Do you remember Business Operations before the Cloud?

Business Operations

The cloud network for businesses is a new development. While widely used today, before it came into existence, many businesses had to make do with the limited in-house resources that were available. If you have not yet signed up for a cloud network for businesses, you are probably experiencing these limitations that can hold your business back.

Using a Cloud Network to Help Your Business

Business growth and success are the primary goals of any business owner. If you want your business to grow, you will usually have to hire more people, invest in more advanced IT infrastructure, buy more complex equipment, and allocate more resources for the different operations of your business. But doing this will require massive funding that most small business owners do not have. Fortunately, the cloud network for businesses has come to the rescue. Let’s look at the following scenarios.

Expensive IT Costs

When you rely solely on your own company’s resources, you will have no choice but to buy all the software and hardware that you will need for your business operations. We all know how expensive these products can be, but you will have no choice but to buy them if you want your business to grow and succeed.

Limited Productivity

Whenever IT issues arise within your business, your in-house staff will have to take time off from their regular duties to address the problems. IT might not even be their specialty, so there is no guarantee that they can resolve the situation. It reduces their productivity because they won’t be able to focus on their core responsibilities.

Frequent and Extensive Downtime

Software and hardware both need regular upgrading so your business can keep up with the rest of the industry. But installing these upgrades takes a long time, perhaps a couple of hours or more than a day. During these periods, your business will essentially be on hold. And this creates a hassle for your employees and customers.

Lack of Mobility

Traditional business setups require employees to be tied to their desks for the entire business day because everything they need is on their workstations. If you assign one of your employees to work in the field, for instance, they might have to wait until they get back to the office before being able to access their data.

The Solution

These scenarios present an assortment of issues that can drastically limit the performance of your business. While the cited situations are very different, we can improve them with a single solution: cloud computing. If this is an unfamiliar concept to you, there is no need to worry. Your IT provider can give you a thorough overview and assist you in getting a custom cloud solution for your business.

Cloud Computing Is the Answer

A cloud network for businesses costs very little compared to purchasing all the needed software and hardware. You will enjoy the most advanced IT tools for a modest monthly fee. It can also maximize your employees’ productivity. With the right network in place, you will no longer have to pull your staff from their regular duties to fix IT problems.

Upgrades for software and hardware will still be necessary, but with a cloud network, these upgrades will only take a few minutes. Most of the time, you won’t even notice that an update has taken place because the cloud service provider will handle it all for you.

If you want to find out more about the advantages that you can get from cloud networks for businesses and from working with a managed services provider, tune in to our on-demand webinar. This webinar will enlighten you on the benefits of cloud computing and its positive impacts on your customers and staff. You can contact us anytime!business-operationsbusiness-operationsbusiness-operationsbusiness-operationsbusiness-operations

Looking From the Outside In

Looking From the Outside In - 2 Takeaways to Running a Successful Service Business

Is what you see while working in your service business looking outwards, the same as what your customer sees coming into your business looking inward?

More than likely it is a different experience. A great way to experience what your customer is experiencing is to be the customer for a day!

Let's talk about looking from the outside in!

A great example of this concept is a restaurant. When you are a cook, server, hostess or manager in a restaurant you are seeing your place of work from the kitchen out. When you are a customer going in to dine at a restaurant you are seeing it from the parking lot in.

Look at the parking lot, look at the details from the outside in, experience what it is like to be seated and served by the staff. It will be a totally different experience than what you see working from within and looking outwards.

Today, We Will Share Some Key Takeaways From the Experience We Have Had of Running Our Service Business and Looking From the Outside In!

We want to ensure our customers experience the best possible service we can offer them.

The First Takeaway to Running a Service Business is - Looking From the Outside In is: Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

What is your customer experiencing as they encounter a product, service, challenge or need? What are you doing to help them experience the best possible service they can receive? Is your customer happy with the quality of service they are receiving? Is there any ways you can improve the service you are giving to your customers?

An example of this is when you take your car to the shop. Which ever level of service they offer you, are you happy with it? Were your needs met?

Taking your car in the shop is very similar to a computer issue being resolved versus an alternator being replaced in a car. Was it an issue that was resolved timely? Did they follow up throughout the process? Was an estimate given? Was it fixed when they said it would be fixed? Were there any issues with it after being resolved? Did they find anything else wrong with it in the process? If so, did they communicate this or ignore it?

The examples we have used with the restaurant and the auto shop are great analogies for any different type of industry.

The Second Takeaway to Running a Service Business - Looking from the Outside In is: You Don't Know What Your Customer Is Going Through Today

Let's say your customer calls in with a problem, what else might they have going on that day? Is their boss yelling at them? Did they get written up yesterday? Did they have an argument with their spouse this morning? Is their kid home sick? Did they find out bad news? The problem they have going on may be the last straw for them.

What experience are you giving them in any situation they may be in? You really don't know what is going on with your customers, in whatever industry you may work in. It is important to treat your customers as you would want to be treated and to give them the best service experience you can give them!

Here at Need Computer Help we Have Had Numbers of Years of Experience Running a Service Business and Looking From the Outside In!

We care about our customers and do our best to ensure we are putting ourselves in their shoes and being considerate to their feelings. If you have any questions on Running a Service Business - Looking From The Outside In, please let us know!

Phone System

Why is Your Phone System Important for Business?

Mobile phones have evolved tremendously in recent years and now have many powerful features never seen in previous phone systems. Many businesses rely on mobile phones as vital tools in business operations, and some have ditched their phone lines completely in favor of mobile devices. But is this the best decision? Have business phone systems become irrelevant or even obsolete?

The Importance of Business Phone Systems

The value of modern communication systems is incontestable. But this doesn't mean that traditional business phone systems are no longer needed. Let's look at some of their main uses for modern businesses.

Integration of Several Phone Functions

Business phone systems remain in place because they allow multiple phone functions to integrate into one efficient hub, making them easy to manage.

Conventional features like call forwarding, call screening, and call logs are staples of all business phone systems. In addition, we can seamlessly integrate them with some of the most popular online tools, like Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook, or your helpdesk application.

Cost Efficiency

Compared with conventional phone systems and their high maintenance costs, modern business phone systems are very cost-effective. From installation to operation, maintenance to updates, modern phone systems are incredibly affordable.


Another plus for modern phone systems is that they are completely scalable. You don't have to worry much about how many phones you need or which features to install. Modern business phone systems expand as your business grows. If you need to cut back, it is easy to eliminate the units and features that are no longer useful for your business. This way, you don't get stuck paying for services you don't need.

Potential Problems with Having No Proper Phone System

Despite the many advantages that modern business phone systems offer, some traditionalists still think they are an extravagance. They stuck with their old phone systems, believing that they were still serving them well in the modern business age. Unfortunately, this loyalty might lead to several problems for your business and your employees.

Lack of Privacy for Employees

Without a proper business phone system, it's hard to keep business and personal communications separate. Using your mobile phone number for business calls might sound practical, but it won't be long before this practice takes a toll on your private life. Business associates will reach you even while you're away from the office or vacationing with your family.

Lack of Security for Business Data

On the flip side, losing or misusing mobile phones is bad for business. If you lose your mobile phone used for business calls, critical business data might be at risk. With a proper business phone system installed, we can easily separate business and personal calls with simple automation and forwarding settings. And it can store business data as needed.

Limited Access for Clients and Business Partners

If you do not have a modern business phone system in place, your clients will only be able to call you during your business hours. If your business closes at 5 pm, your customers will have to wait until the morning to call you back.

While some clients might wait for someone to answer, others will move on to the next open shop and do their business there. The lack of a business phone system can cost you many potential customers.

The Solution

These are a few ways it will limit your business if you do not have a proper business phone system installed. Fortunately, the solution is simple. All you need to do is get in touch with us and ask about a custom phone solution that fits the specific needs of your business.

Each business is unique, so there are no one-size-fits-all business phone systems. As your IT provider, we will assess your needs and provide you with the exact phone system that you need.

To learn more about the benefits of a proper business phone system, you can check out our on-demand webinar where we talk about how managed services providers can help you with your business communication system requirements. And, as always, please let us know if you have any questions.

phone systemphone systemphone systemphone systemphone systemphone systemphone systemphone system

Onboarding with a New MSP

Onboarding With a New MSP - 3 Ways

Are you thinking about switching your MSP? As you start onboarding with a new MSP there's a few steps an MSP should take to ensure a smooth transition. 

When we start working with a new client we follow these steps, (We organize a kick off call and build a transition plan, we identify any gaps you may have and we build timelines with you and on your schedule) to ensure you have an effortless and worry free transition.

First, As Your New MSP, We Organize a Kick Off Call and Build a Transition Plan 

During this phase as your new MSP, we set expectations with our main points of contact in the organization of what the transition will look like. We review the simple steps we will be doing with you. For example, if you are on Office 365 we are keeping you on Office 365. This is a fairly simple step.

We also review the more complex challenges with you. For example, we may be bringing you to a higher security level and making security stack changes. Another example would be migrating to cloud infrastructure from on premises infrastructure. This is a more challenging step than a straight migration. All of these are things are examples of things we would review in a kick off call. The goal of our kick off call is to make sure our clients have clear expectations as to what the transition will look like!

Next, As Your New MSP, We Identify Any Gaps 

An example of this would be an implementation of POP email to Microsoft 365. During this process we identify any gaps with how the client was accessing POP email. Some users may have been through a web browser and some may have been through outlook. We standardize that to where everyone is using outlook and then we migrate them into 365.

We work through any gaps with on premise versus cloud. For example, a company may have an on-premise dispatch software with an on-premise instance of QuickBooks and may be moving to a satch based dispatch software with QuickBooks, among other things. That would be multiple pieces moving that we would need to address and identify any gaps. .

Security changes would be another instance where we would need to identify gaps. An example of a security change gap is when we start working with a new organization, some clients may not have MFA. MFA is a standard for us and this would be a change of expectation for our clients. We would want to identify that as a gap. We want to ensure we have clear expectations and clear communication on any gaps we identify!

Finally, As Your New MSP, We Build Timelines With You 

Sometimes organizations do not always want to start their onboarding process right away. Sometimes they may want to hold off for a month or two for different reasons. It is our job as your new MSP, to keep track of when we will be starting.  We also need to keep track of when certain steps in the migration plan will be occurring. The day we start the process is not always the day we start the migration. For example, we could start the onboarding one day but the Office 365 project may not be started for another month.

We keep track of when all of those different steps will start. It is our job to know when we are fully onboarded and the date that we expect to be fully onboarded to being your new Managed Service Provider!

Last, Contact Us Today! 

As your new MSP provider, we will follow our onboarding steps completely and accurately to ensure a pleasant, stress free transition.  To transition to your new MSP provider contact us today!!

Why Is the Operating Environment So Important?

Operating Environment

People today are well-versed with technology compared to a decade or so ago. But are you sure that the technical skills of your employees are enough to maintain an efficient and productive business structure for your company? Do you think you can stay ahead of your competitors in the industry using only amateur IT abilities?

Many of us consider hiring an IT provider more of a luxury than a necessity. We believe the technical know-how of our in-house staff is more than sufficient to ensure the smooth operations of our business. Unfortunately, the arguments against hiring MSPs might create an assortment of negative implications for your business and employees. How long can your employees manage your technology before something goes wrong?

Potential Problems of Not Having a Proper IT Provider

In the absence of a proper operating environment managed by a professional IT provider. The performance, and ultimately the revenue, of your business will be severely limited. You will miss out on several advantages that can otherwise put you in a very competitive sport in your industry. To find out more, read the following scenarios and see if any of them seem familiar to you.

Lack of Coordination between Multiple Locations

Fast and secure communication guarantees a smooth flow of your business operations, especially if you are running from multiple locations. There has to be an automated system that provides quick and easy access to information in real-time to ensure accuracy in transactions. Even the slightest delay in data transmission or the lapse in coordination can lead to costly damages for your business.

Insufficient Bandwidth to Efficiently Handle All Business Operations

Have your staff may become impatient if the Internet connection is too slow? In some unfortunate situations, the system can crash during busy periods because your bandwidth can't handle the heavy traffic. When that happens, your employees will be unproductive. And it could cause a decline in your productivity as time goes on.

Falling behind Current Technology Trends

IT is a rapidly changing industry. New tools and products designed to streamline business operations and improve overall performance pop up every day. When you're deep in the daily grind, you might not be aware of these developments. You might be stuck using the old methods while your industry rivals are enjoying the perks of modern systems.

On the other hand, your IT provider is always up to date on all the most recent developments. They are aware of and have access to all the newest methods and techniques, and they can bring your operating environment updated with these tools.

The Solution

The scenarios we've covered are some implications of not having a proper IT provider to handle your business operations. With a team of IT professionals or a Managed Services Provider handling your needs, you won't need to worry about these issues.

As your MSP, one of the most important things we can do for you is to assess your current operating environment. After checking the state of your network, we can make recommendations and implement the necessary adjustments to improve your day-to-day operations.

For more on how your operations environment affects your business performance, watch our on-demand webinar that demonstrates the various ways a professional MSP can boost your operations and take your business to a whole new level of success.

operating-environmentoperating enviromentoperating-environmentoperating enviroment