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Business VoIP Phone Service Houston

It’s time to rethink what your phone system can do. Need Computer Help’s business VoIP phone service Houston routes calls through an Internet connection, offering greater flexibility and a significantly lower investment in phone system infrastructure. As your company grows, we add new extensions easily without costly hardware upgrades. Our VoIP Phone Service Houston are seamless across locations – with a central system deployed in the cloud, calls can be routed and transferred between multiple offices or staff working remotely as easily as transferring to someone in the next office. 

NCH’s VoIP software allows you to centrally manage and route business phone calls, regardless of the staff member’s location. Workstations, laptops and mobile devices can all replace traditional office phones for inbound and outbound calling or call transfers. Business VoIP phone service Houston also minimizes the cost of long-distance and international calling. Plus, our support commitment to your company will far exceed any generic VoIP phone service or traditional on-premises phone solution.

Business VoIP Phone Service Benefits:

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Lower Investment

We eliminate significant hardware investments and improve scalability by migrating your service to the cloud.

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Simplified Billing

All billing is consolidated into a single bill with simple-to-understand user counts, extension counts and VoIP pricing.

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Helpdesk Support

NCH is your single contact for all IT questions, whether they are about software, hardware or telephone support.

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Greater Mobility

Answer calls to your extension from any VoIP-connected workstation, laptop or mobile device.

Business VoIP phone service

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