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Cybersecurity Solutions for Cloud and Office 365 in Houston and Louisiana

Online cloud platforms offer a variety of benefits but they are also at risk for compromise if they are not properly secured. With Need Computer Help’s Managed Security Services, we can keep your data safe. Our Defense in Depth approach to cybersecurity uses multiple layers of protection to stop cyberattacks on your cloud environment.

Our Security Operations Center always keeps an eye out for suspicious activity, detecting and resolving issues early. Unlike old storage methods, cloud and Office 365 environments give us a clear view of everything, letting our skilled engineers spot and stop suspicious logins and malicious activities as they happen. Detecting these issues early is key to preventing serious damage from cyberattacks, as well as avoiding extended recovery times, tarnished reputations, and financial loss.

The Cloud and Office 365 Security Services at Need Computer Help utilize multi-factor authentication on all public cloud platforms. This helps to minimize the risk of compromised

credentials and weak passwords. It works by sending a confirmation request to an app that only the user can access, blocking unwanted logins.

A major factor that contributes to the likelihood of cyberattacks is lack of cybersecurity awareness training in the workplace. Despite having safeguards on endpoints, networks, servers, and cloud systems, organizations are still at risk because people can be tricked into clicking bad links or other harmful actions. That’s why our Cybersecurity Packages include training for team members. This training teaches employees how to use technology safely and how to prevent cybersecurity incidents. The training also includes phishing simulation campaigns and yearly security refresh courses.

Need Computer Help’s team is ready to partner with you in creating a secure cloud environment while educating users on how best to use technology safely. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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