Get a Complimentary Dark Web Scan

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a hidden portion of the internet where users can communicate anonymously, access and share information without being traced, and facilitate illicit activities. These activities include the sale of illegal goods and services, malicious hacking efforts, and more.

Unfortunately, confidential company data is not immune to the risks posed by the dark web. Cyberattacks contribute to your information being leaked on this corner of the internet. The types of data stored on the dark web include login credentials, customer credit card numbers, intellectual property and other sensitive information that is obtained or stolen by cybercriminals.

Take action to protect your company data from being leaked on the dark web

You can prevent company data from being leaked on the dark web by developing a strong cybersecurity posture. We provide a complimentary dark web scan as part of an initial cybersecurity assessment for businesses.

During this assessment, our cybersecurity experts scan through hundreds of thousands of data points from various sources on the dark web to see if any of your company’s data is visible or accessible. This initial assessment allows us to identify any threats and advise on preventive measures to minimize the risk for your business.

Additionally, we offer ongoing dark web monitoring services and provide automated alerts should any new instances of company data appear on the dark web. Our team is always available to provide support and assistance in understanding the cybersecurity risks to your business and can help you take all necessary steps to protect or secure any data from being exposed on the dark web.

For businesses serious about cybersecurity, partnering with Need Computer Help is the best way to protect confidential company data. Our complimentary dark web scan and ongoing monitoring services, paired with our comprehensive cybersecurity stack, provide peace of mind that your data is always secure.