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Defense in Depth: A Multi-Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

As digital technology grows, so does the risk and complexity of harmful cyberattacks. This is why a Defense in Depth Strategy is critical in our cybersecurity practices. The old four-pillar approach – firewalls, patching, antivirus, and backups – isn’t enough anymore. Businesses that only use this approach have become a major target for cybercriminals.

To protect against modern threats, we need a Multi-Layered Cybersecurity strategy that gets rid of any single point of failure. One way to understand the Defense in Depth Cybersecurity Model is to think about a medieval castle. Castles had multiple defenses – a moat, a drawbridge, stone walls, and more. To get into the castle, an attacker had to get past all of these layers.

The Defense in Depth Strategy does the same thing but for digital systems. With this method, our team looks at all possible entry points for cyberattacks, examining your systems from every angle. Our Layered Security Approach includes things like Security Awareness Training for users, strengthening and monitoring systems, yearly Cybersecurity Risk Assessments, next-generation protection for all systems, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

With cyber threats always changing, it’s crucial to stay ahead. At Need Computer Help, we want to keep you updated on the latest Cybersecurity Best Practices and protect your data from cyberattacks. Get in touch with our team today to get started!

Defense in Depth

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