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With the threat of a catastrophic cyber attack growing every day, businesses must be diligent in maximizing their antivirus protection measures. You need solutions that minimize or eliminate the risk of virus attacks, ransomware attacks and security breaches. Need Computer Help offers a suite of industry-leading managed security services to keep your technology protected from these dangerous threats.

We start by installing antivirus software on each workstation, laptop and server to standardize all machines on an enterprise-level antivirus platform. Patches and updates are automatically installed as they become available, and we actively monitor your systems for potential security threats. With our Office 365 and Hosted Exchange packages, we implement a filter that scans every inbound email for potential spam and viruses. NCH also combats phishing attacks with test emails and online training for your staff, so your team can work together to maintain a secure workplace.

Explore the Benefits of Managed Security Services:

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Broad Protection

Encryption prevention software is included with our antivirus subscription for extra defense against ransomware.

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Security Training

We test your preparedness with false phishing emails and host online training sessions to educate your team.

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Email Control

Easily whitelist trusted domains and email addresses to keep them from being marked as spam.

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Automatic Updates

Patches and updates are installed automatically to avoid gaps in your security coverage.

IT managed security services

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