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Meet Our Team at Need Computer Help

We are a dedicated team of IT professionals with a diverse talent base. Together, we provide a depth of IT support enabling your business to operate efficiently. We have fun together and we enjoy working with our customers and building strong long-term relationships.

Need Computer Help Team: James


President & CEO

James Wroten is the founder of our company and leads our organization on a daily basis. James started in 1999 as a one-person operation, providing software services for energy marketing and scheduling companies. He has steered our organization into the IT services team we are today. James brings a depth of knowledge of IT support for our customers and a friendly approach to resolving challenges.

James enjoys the Need Computer Help culture, rich in diverse technical skill sets that blend together to offer our customers unparalleled IT support. James has a passion for growth and success. This passion has fueled our expansion from a one-person operation to a multi faceted managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions provider.

Outside of work, James is devoted to spending time with his family.  James is also commonly found racing his sailboat on Galveston bay or out for a pleasure cruise.  James also has a passion for classic cars and hot rods.  At any moment, James has at least 3 projects in process at home, on the boat, or in his shop.

Need Computer Help Team: Melisa


Quality Success Manager/Project Manager

Melisa Limerick joined the Need Computer Help team in 2017. Melisa oversees our service delivery process and manages our projects and implementations of new and existing partners. She gained her foundation in Information Technology through her eight years in the United States Air Force and her subsequent Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management.

Melisa enjoys being a member of the Need Computer Help family because we are exactly that – a family. Every member of our team is valued for what they bring to the table, and Melisa is no exception. With her attention to detail, exemplary work ethic, and her enthusiasm, Melisa is an invaluable team member!

Outside of the office, Melisa is an incredible mother to two teenagers! She has a passion for building and remodeling through woodworking and metalworking. Melisa is also an avid duck hunter!


Director of Technical Services

Jason Anderson joined our company in 2012. He leads the technical services division of our business both in cloud services and managed IT services. Jason has been the center point in much of the design of our cloud services operation and in executing our more complex customer implementations.

Jason has an extreme passion for growth, expansion and end results. It shows in his unwavering pursuit of high-functioning custom solutions for many of our customers. He is routinely involved in complex technical challenges. He brings a constant push for quality and refinement into our services.

Outside of work, Jason is a devoted husband. Jason and Kate run a small farm with chickens and horses. His appetite for challenge continues at home with design and construction of house and farm projects. In his spare time, Jason spends time at a local craft brewery and runs a Meetup group for young individuals.


Business Development Manager

Jarred Parker started Network Management Solutions in 2006, which merged with Need Computer Help in 2016. Jarred has been instrumental in growing our local and state government business as well as directing cybersecurity practice and cloud infrastructure sector.

Jarred enjoys how everyone at Need Computer Help comes together to solve different problems that our customers face every day. He appreciates how we rely on each other’s strengths in different areas to care for clients. He likes how we all work hard together and enjoy getting together outside of work hours to have a good time and unwind a bit.

Outside of work, Jarred is a devoted husband and father. Jarred and Melinda have three wonderful children. Jarred is an avid outdoorsman and can be found fishing with his kids on a lake or nice country pond – his favorite place growing up, as it meant he was spending time with his dad.


Marketing Advocate

Jini Bailey joined the Need Computer Help team in 2022 and leads our in-house marketing. She specializes in digital marketing and is passionate about graphic design. Her innovation, creative thinking and attention to detail are a valuable addition to our team.

Jini enjoys working at Need Computer Help because of the friendly, inclusive culture that our team has cultivated. She feels engaged and energized by the work that she gets to do daily and has been enjoying learning more about the IT world along the way.

In addition to working with us full time, she also attends university and is nearing the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with a Minor in Graphic Design. In her free time, Jini enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs. She likes music, art, and reading. Originally from Canada, and housing a natural love for travel, she also likes to get out to the mountains and do some hiking when her schedule allows for it, and hopes to eventually check exploring every U.S. national park off her bucket list!


Operations Champion

Madison Morgan joined the Need Computer Help team in 2022. She leads our financial operations and is your point of contact for any billing or invoice related questions. Her 8 years of Finance experience and Bachelor of Science from The University of Houston make her a great asset to our team.

Madison values the collaborative and growth mindset of the team at Need Computer Help. She enjoys the diverse projects she contributes to and loves the challenge of solving process efficiencies within the organization. The team’s passion for technology is contagious and she appreciates their diverse IT knowledge and learning where she can.

In her free time, Madison likes to catch a live music show or standup comedy event. She enjoys traveling and likes to visit museums and art galleries when she is exploring a new city. When she isn’t adventuring with family and friends, she is content at home reading, cooking, or spending time with her animals.


Helpdesk/Field Technician

Jason Fritz joined our company in 2022. Jason is one of the initial voices you will hear when placing your call to our partner care team. He focuses on bringing care, compassion, and empathy to every person he interacts with and is dedicated to analyzing every ticket to solve not just the initial problem, but the underlying factors as well.

Jason enjoys working with the Need Computer Help Team because of our ability to engage each other in productive ways. He appreciates our open communication style, passion for solutions, and commitment to our clients.

Jason loves technology in nearly all of its forms and he believes that knowing how to use it to benefit your family, friends, coworkers, and customers makes technology better for all. In addition to his passion for technology, he is also an avid video gamer, soccer player, and all-around sports enthusiast. At home, Jason and his wife, Melissa, are the proud parents of two children.

Need Computer Help Team: Nick


Helpdesk/Field Technician

Nick Edwards joined our company in 2022. Nick’s friendly voice is the one most likely recognized when placing a call to our partner care team. Nick is one of our engineers and he specializes in providing partners with assistance on software, hardware and operating system challenges.

Nick enjoys working with the NCH team who are all kind and passionate about their commitment to solving whatever problem comes their way.  With a voice for customer service, Nick uses his technical expertise to engage with partners whenever they contact us to help resolve any challenge they may be facing.

Outside of work, Nick can be seen exploring Houston and discovering all the restaurants the city has to offer.  Nick enjoys cooking and uses the cuisine he finds as inspiration for future creations.  You can also find him in the pool, hanging with his siblings, or with his dog.  He is always up for the next exciting adventure.