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Cyber attacks are a constant threat, and end-to-end security should be woven into every component of your network infrastructure. Need Computer Help’s trained, certified security technicians actively monitor and manage network switches, routers, ports, and external access points to fix any weaknesses before they’re exploited by viruses and ransomware attacks. Need Computer Help’s experts can help your organization develop customized network security solutions Houston design to prevent costly security breaches. We’ll make sure that your network equipment isn’t used beyond its intended lifespan, which leads to security risks and costly downtime.

NCH secures your wireless networks with similar safeguards to wired networks, shielding laptops, tablets, and mobile devices from unauthorized access. We limit security gaps by restricting Internet access for guests while providing full file sharing and company-application access for internal networks. We Provide Advanced Network Security Services Houston. Reduce your network’s exposure to viruses. Staff changes, which may compromise data, are monitored and any security updates or password changes are proactively managed to assure data security and confidentiality. With our tenure in the data center business and our experience implementing business networks, we have the expertise to make your network secure, stable, and efficient.

Explore the Benefits of Network Security Solutions:

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Security Assessments

NCH assesses your password policies, webmail and more and recommends higher-security processes.

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Solid Expertise

Not only have we installed countless business networks, but we stay ahead of the latest cyber threats.

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Virtual Private Networks

We connect multiple locations with a VPN for seamless file sharing, network printing and more.

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Controlled Costs

Downtime and data breaches cost you time, money and customer trust – avoid them with proactive measures.

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