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Office Relocation Services Houston

Moving to a new office requires careful planning and execution. Need Computer Help – Office Relocation Company Houston covers your IT by safely moving your current equipment or installing upgraded equipment in the new location. We plan connectivity between servers, printers, and other shared network devices, as well as workstations and VoIP phones. Our office relocation services Houston technicians also consider upgrades such as broadband service and telephones to meet uptime requirements and bandwidth. We carefully consider the implementation timeline to ensure that each service is installed and tested well before the move. 

Prior to the transition, we carefully labeled, cataloged, and packed equipment and peripherals such as keyboards and mice. Servers are backed up to an off-site location to avoid data loss in the event that equipment is damaged during the move. Need Computer Help’s technicians may be dispatched to move computers, rearrange offices and equipment, and upgrade items such as monitors, projectors, printers, and network connectivity devices. Equipment is carefully connected and verified in the new location, so you can resume normal operation immediately. From floor plan design until the last computer is powered on, office relocation company Houston enables a smooth transition for your business.

Explore the Benefits of Office Relocation Services:

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Minimal Downtime

Proper planning and execution makes office relocation more efficient and diminishes loss of productivity.

IT services
Greater Productivity

NCH recommends the fastest broadband solutions, so you can complete more work in less time.

IT services
Full Assessments

We review your current technology to plan for its successful migration or suggest upgrades for the new location.

IT services
Business Continuity

If your business has high uptime requirements, we’ll configure equipment to failover to a backup provider.

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