Nonprofit IT Support

Nonprofit IT Support: The Essential Role of an MSP

Most nonprofits are run on a tight budget, which means that they have to be strategic about how they allocate their funds. This may raise the question of whether it is really necessary to invest in IT infrastructure and support. In short, the answer is yes. One area where it is critical to invest money is in information technology (IT) - Nonprofit IT support. With the rise of digital tools and remote work, information technology (IT) services are becoming increasingly important for nonprofits and it’s essential that your organization has a reliable IT support system in place.
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Internet Safety in the Workplace

Internet Safety in the Workplace: How to Keep Your Team Safe Online

Cybersecurity is extremely important in the workplace, as it can help protect employees’ personal information and company data. When operating a business, it is critical to ensure that your employees are practicing internet safety, especially when using company networks and devices.

You should provide your team with the tools they need to protect themselves from cybercrime, educate them on best practices for internet safety, and implement a company-wide internet safety policy. Through these processes, you are taking action to ensure that they are equipped to make decisions that will secure your company data. Read more