Need Computer Help Evolves into Intelos: An Exciting Rebrand, Focused on Cloud, Cybersecurity and Compliance

Houston, Texas – Need Computer Help, a leading IT services provider, is excited to announce its upcoming rebrand to Intelos, marking a strategic shift towards an elevated and comprehensive suite of tech solutions. The rebranding initiative aligns with their commitment to providing cutting-edge services in cybersecurity, cloud, and compliance.

President and CEO, James Wroten, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The evolution from Need Computer Help to Intelos signifies a pivotal moment for our company and our clients. We're not just changing our name; we're embracing a new era of technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive."

The transition to Intelos reinforces the company's dedication to insightful thinking, understanding clients' unique needs, and delivering tailored solutions. The brand’s new visual identity, including a modernized logo and website, reflect the company's forward-thinking approach. Their new website, soon to be located at, serves as a hub for current and future clients to explore Intelos' updated service offerings and insightful content, along with an intuitive client portal.

This rebrand comes at the start of a new year, symbolizing a fresh beginning and renewed focus on innovation and client success. Intelos will continue to build upon its legacy of reliable and insightful IT services, offering clients a strategic partnership in navigating the business technology landscape.


Need Computer Help Ranked Among Elite Managed Service Providers on Channel Futures 2023 NextGen 101 List

Need Computer Help Ranked Among Elite Managed Service Providers on Channel Futures 2023 NextGen 101 List

The NextGen 101 List Honors Innovative, Growing MSPs


July 13, 2023: Need Computer Help has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious Channel Futures 2023 NextGen 101 rankings.

The NextGen 101, an MSP 501 list, honors industry-leading managed service and technology providers that are driving a new wave of growth and innovation for the tech channel via the groundbreaking solutions they deliver to their customers. Many of these MSPs generate recurring revenue from cloud, security, unified communications, and other solutions to small, medium and large clients.

These MSPs - based on their growth, drive and innovation - represent the future of the technology channel and IT industry. This year’s NextGen 101 winners were selected from applications received for the 2023 Channel Futures MSP 501.

Channel Futures is pleased to name Need Computer Help to the 2023 NextGen 101.

"I am truly honored for our team to receive this prestigious award.  Each one of us has worked diligently to reach this milestone and I am humbled to be part of this amazing team and company," said James Wroten, President and CEO of Need Computer Help.

Channel Futures strives to ensure their partner communities are recognized for what they do best and creates programs that recognize their contributions to the IT industry. The NextGen 101 represents that effort.

“I love following these companies and talking with their owners,” said Jeff O’Heir, Channel Futures senior news editor and manager of the MSP 501. “They’re excited about the latest technologies, embrace innovation, and often bring new sales and marketing strategies to the table. Many of them quickly move into the MSP 501 list where they have an even bigger impact on the industry.”

The data collected by the annual NextGen 101 and MSP 501 drive Channel Futures’ market intelligence insights, creating robust data sets and data-based trend reports that support our editorial coverage, event programming, community and networking strategies and educational offerings.

“As the technology industry and channel enter a very challenging market, channel leaders are looking for ways to accelerate growth,” said Robert DeMarzo, vice president of content for Informa Tech Channels. “The Channel Futures NextGen 101 represents some of the fastest-growth and high-potential MSPs in the market today. These companies are providing innovative approaches to customer solutions and partner engagement never seen before. They truly represent the future of the channel.”



The 2023 MSP 501 and NextGen 101 lists are based on data collected by Channel Futures. Data was collected online from February to May, 2023. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, profit margin and other factors.


About Need Computer Help

Need Computer Help is a managed service provider with over 18 years of experience in IT services and a strong focus on cybersecurity, cloud, and compliance. From managed services and beyond, Need Computer Help has the IT expertise needed to keep organizations running smoothly.

They have tremendous experience in the industry, a long, successful track record as an IT services provider, and a passion for upholding strong customer service standards while striving for a creative and cost-effective approach with their business solutions. Their diversity, experience and tenure enable them to provide unique, effective and efficient solutions to their clients. They take their role as a trusted advisor seriously and deliver service with a never-ending goal of success and efficiency.


About Channel Futures

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Media Contacts

Jeff O’Heir

Channel Futures Senior News Editor and MSP 501 Manager

[email protected]


Ginette Andre

Associate Marketer, VIP Relations

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